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Classy Nails and Spa – Stylish Nails for Modern Ladies and Gentlemen!

Classy Nails and Spa was born in  Orlando, FL , with a mission to grant our Ladies and Gentlemen their indispensability – a well-polished nail set. They complete your look, are the start of the day, and source of positive energy.
We offer a wide selection of services, from natural nail care to intensive nail treatments and spa services. Feel free to take your little ones for some quality moment, we do provide kid Mani and Pedi services.
All are done by licensed nail experts and with organic, high-quality cosmetics and nail polishes.
We prioritize sanitation and strictly follow the state’s hygiene standards. We operate in a clean space, with sanitized equipment and workstations.
Whenever you fancy a nail makeover, come by Classy Nails and Spa
 at 5176 S Conway Rd, Orlando, FL 32812, United States for a dramatic transformation.

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Welcome to Classy Nails and Spa !

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